Planting tools on a bed of mulch
Planting Day 2020: Starting The Growing Season
This year has been exceptionally cold, and the long gray spring held on until late May. I’ve been watching the cold-loving, native perennials I have around the garden come back, like asparagus, current, raspberries, blackberries and Egyptian walking onion; however,...
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Early Spring In The Garden 2020: Compost & Planting
Last weekend marked the first outdoor planting day of the season. It's still a little too cold out for most crops to thrive, but some vegetables varieties love the cooler weather. I was able to plant potatoes, carrots, parsnips, radishes,...
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Hydroponics Harvest January 2020
Because I live in such a cold climate I don't often get the opportunity to garden in the winter. Instead I turn to inside hydroponic to produce fresh produce. I have a small system designed by Aero Garden, which is...
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