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1955 Door Renovation
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Last weekend I started a new house project. My house was built in 1955. Until now they doors have still been usable, but they are super old and not pretty at all, so I decided to renovate them. I had...
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Bench Building Featured Image
Bench Building Process
I've been wanting a bench for my garden area for a while now. I looked around at various styles, materials and reviews. Ultimately I wasn't finding what I wanted, something that would last a while with little or no maintenance,...
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Planting tools on a bed of mulch
Planting Day 2020: Starting The Growing Season
This year has been exceptionally cold, and the long gray spring held on until late May. I’ve been watching the cold-loving, native perennials I have around the garden come back, like asparagus, current, raspberries, blackberries and Egyptian walking onion; however,...
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Early Spring In The Garden 2020: Compost & Planting
Last weekend marked the first outdoor planting day of the season. It's still a little too cold out for most crops to thrive, but some vegetables varieties love the cooler weather. I was able to plant potatoes, carrots, parsnips, radishes,...
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**This post is in Japanese. The goal of this post is for me to practice my Japanese writing. 私のうちには一匹犬がいって、このわんこの名前はパイパーです。ピイーパーは雌んで 、もうすぐ二歳です。コーギーの女の子ですよ。イングランドの女王の飼っている犬種もコーギーなのでちょっと有名な犬種類ですね。 パイパーの一番好きな季節は冬です。どうして冬が好きなのかというと、もちろん、雪が大好きだから。雪の日に何をしているの?まあ、積み重ねの雪に飛んだり、遊んだり、雪に横たわったりする。本当に、雪が大好きですね。
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Crabapple Bloom 2019
In my little corner of the world I have a mature Purple Prince Crabapple tree, and for a short time in the spring it overflows with beautiful blossoms. When I first moved into my house, I had no idea what...
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Garden Tour: Spring 2019
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Spring is a time for activity in the garden. I love the look of the garden in spring. Everything looks so new and fresh after the yearly cleanup. As the season goes on the plants I care for will stretch...
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