Tampa Theatre Winefest & Beerfest Events

Industry: Hospitality/Nonprofit |Agency: eNox Media

Branding    |    Print Design    |    Illustration  

Project Overview
Tampa Theatre Winefest & Beerfest

Every year Tampa Theatre has a movie themed wine, and beer event. During my time at eNox Media had the pleasure of providing creative direction and creating visual assets for each event from 2015 until 2021.

Each event requires a custom logo and detailed vector illustration, which is then worked into the resulting design assets.

Project Details

Illustrator & designer – I did it all, from working with the Tampa Theatre team to brainstorm creative direction, pitch visuals, create the custom vector illustrations, poster design, invitation design and billboard marketing.


Tampa Theatre has a couple iconic movie-themed events to raise every year in order to raise money for their historical theatre. Each event revolves around a movie, and for each movie they need a event logo, poster design, custom vector artwork, marketing assets and promotional materials.


The process starts when we get a theme. They know what movie they want to show and it’s my job to brainstorm creative direction, providing concept examples and getting the artwork direction approved. Then it’s off to the races. I work on each illustration and try to work in the theme, and tone of the overall movie. For example, “The Grapest Showman” was illustrated with various watercolor swashes to promote the magical feel of the movie, while also relating back to the overall wine theme of the event.


Since working with this client their events have grown in popularity, and tickets sell out more quickly every year. The stylized vector illustrations are used across all event assets.