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Industry: Healthcare; Orthodontia |Agency: eNox Media

Web Design | Graphic Design

Project Overview
Spillers Orthodontics

Spillers Orthodontics is a premier orthodontic practice with multiple locations in Macon and Warner Robins, GA. This client wanted a modern and clean website that reflected their friendly, warm and nature-loving personality.

They were concerned with making sure their patients had a website where they could easily access the information they needed, as well as compare their in house aligners (SO Clear Aligners) with Invisalign, and more traditional orthodontics.

One of the biggest pieces for them was to increase patient starts. I concepted and designed a rotating footer call to action that funneled users to either call for an appointment, or book one online. The concept behind this is that the highlighted, or focal, funnel would change via the time of day. During business hours the funnel would stress the call method, during off-hours the online method was prominent. The design behind this funnel also rotated between 3 separate calls to action, which focused on different persuasion methodologies.

Launch Website
Project Details

Lead UI/UX Designer; focusing on mobile-first design website design. I was the sole designer on this project and I handled the client every step of the way, from research and moodboard presentation to creation of the design system, template pages and all design assets.


They wanted this site to serve both current patients and increase new patient starts via phone and online booking. For their current user base they wanted to create a digital presence that was a one-stop place for all the information they needed, from expository information to patient forms. For new patients they wanted this site to increase patient starts via both phone and online booking verticals.


This project started with a refresh of their brand voice and visual language. New fonts, and expanded color options were worked into the visual language, and a formal design system was created based on Atomic Design principles. This design system served as the base of their style guide, UI pattern library and templated pages used throughout the site.


The client was excited about the new design every step of the way, and has seen a vast improvement to the accessibility of both targeted audiences (current patients, and new patient starts).

Spillers Hompage
Spillers Clear Aligners
Spillers Navigation
Spillers CTAs

Footer call to action. The highlighted contact method (by phone or online consultation) changes depending on if the office is open or closed. The overall message and design of the element also changes between 3 targeted funnels.

Design System
Design System

A design system is a living document that sets the parameters and structure of the design. For every project I roughly follow the principles of Atomic Design, starting with the smallest elements, atoms, and scaling up to more complex UI patterns such as organisms, templates and pages.

Spillers Design System - Atoms
Spillers Design System - Organisms
Spillers Design System - Templates
Social & Marketing
Graphic Design

I continued to develop graphic design and marketing assets for the Spillers Brand.