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Nth Degree Orthodontics

Industry: Healthcare; Orthodontia |Agency: eNox Media

Web Design | Graphic Design

Project Overview
Nth Degree Orthodontics

Nth Degree Orthodontics is the new name for the merging practices of Nease, Thomas and Higginbotham. The concept around the brand was talking quality and service to the “Nth Degree”, clearly stating that they are a premier orthodontic practice in South Carolina.

Along with the rebrand and creation of an energetic, 1980s inspired visual language they also needed a new website to reflect their new personality and help generate new patient starts.

Launch Website
Project Details

Lead UI/UX & brand designer; focusing on branding, visual language mobile-first design website design. I was the lead designer on this project and developed their new brand and voice from the ground up by working closely with the client. After branding was complete I created a design system and responsive web experience, as well as various brand assets such as a brand guide and print designs.


The client wanted a very loud and energetic brand while still keeping a touch of a premium feel in order to set the tone of the experience their patients could expect when coming to visit one of their five offices. They also need the site to function as an information vocal point for the patients and heal lead to new patient starts.


The process of merging the practices and reflecting everyone in the brand was a design task that laid the groundwork for the overall brand voice. Once the brand was established, I expanded on the visual language for the website, creating assets that were fun, energetic and reflected the feel-good vibe of 1980’s America.


The client was thrilled with their brand, and believed it truly encompassed their personality. The easy-to-use website also helps increase their patient starts as well as prove to be easier to navigate for their current patient user base.

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Design System
Design System

A design system is a living document that sets the parameters and structure of the design. For every project I roughly follow the principles of Atomic Design, starting with the smallest elements, atoms, and scaling up to more complex UI patterns such as organisms, templates and pages.

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