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Insoft & Hurst Orthodontics

Industry: Healthcare; Orthodontia |Agency: eNox Media

Web Design | Graphic Design

Project Overview
Insoft & Hurst Orthodontics

Insoft & Hurst Orthodontics needed a rebranding that incorporated both of the doctors initials in a monograph format, and reflected the professional and friendly feel of their practice. They also needed a new responsive web presence that reflected their beach-life persona, while also creating an overall professional and modern tone that would resonate with their target audience.

Launch Website
Project Details

Lead UI/UX & brand designer; focusing on branding, visual language mobile-first design website design. I was the lead designer on this project and developed their new brand and voice from the ground up by working closely with the client. After branding was complete I created a design system and responsive web experience, as well as various brand assets such as a brand guide and print designs.


The client wanted a professional and friendly monogram logo that married well with the more relaxed and “beachy ” feel they wanted in their digital presence. This needed to be accomplished while overall still appearing modern and clean in order to suit the needs of their target audience.


I worked closely with the client over several revisions landing on a monogram icon that both reflected their personality and worked in a subtle smile to reflect their industry. After establishing the brand I expanded the visual language to include the relaxed beach-centric feel in their website. I then created a flexible design system which allowed for templates to be repurposed for specific page instances.


The client was extremely happy with their rebrand and their new website. They felt that they were heard, and their needs were met on every step of the design journey.

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Design System
Design System

A design system is a living document that sets the parameters and structure of the design. For every project I roughly follow the principles of Atomic Design, starting with the smallest elements, atoms, and scaling up to more complex UI patterns such as organisms, templates and pages.

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