Haven is a Trendy Restaurant Located in the Heart of Downtown Tampa

Industry: Hospitality; Restaurants |Agency: eNox Media

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Project Overview
2015 ADDY Silver Winner for Elements of Advertising
Haven Tampa

Haven was once known as “Sideberns” in the Tampa area, but they wanted to rebrand themselves to better convey who they are and what they are all about. They picked the name “Haven” because they wanted to be a welcoming presence in the community. I was able to create a logo design that not only stood as a monogram but also had the implication of an open door, welcoming their customers into a safe haven in where they could enjoy themselves. I then worked with during their evolutionary journey from branding to responsive website design, and then to push them forward with print applications and additional content.

Launch Website
Project Details

Brand designer & UI/UX Designer; focusing on mobile-first design website design. I lead the team in design concepts, presented to the client and conduced usability research that was the applied to the responsive website design. I worked closely with the developer to make sure the end result matched the intended purpose of the design.


When Sideberns changed their name to Haven they needed a rebranding that fit their new identity. They wanted a monogram that was able to convey the welcoming concept behind their new name. They also needed a responsive website that was focused on usability and aimed at increasing online reservations, as well as inform the general public of their events and specials.


I worked with a team of designers to brainstorm concepts and ideas. I then produced various mockups, which lead me to the idea of turning the “H” in Haven into an opening door in order to create a welcoming feel, one that would visually invite the viewer to come in and sit at their table. I then created a visual language which highlighted the wonderful food and interior photography of the restaurant. I researched the target market, and applied usability research and best practices to the design of their new responsive, mobile-first website. I then worked closely with the development team to ensure the end result matched with the intended design solution.


The client was thrilled with their new brand, from logo to font choice and visual language. The restaurant reported increased sales since their brand relaunch, and increased online reservations since their site went live. Their website design then went on to win a Silver ADDY award for Elements of Advertising.

Print Design
Stationary & Menu

After their rebranding Haven needed a traditional stationary package that included a custom envelope, letterhead and business card. They also needed two custom menus, one for food and one for the plethora of drinks cocktails and wine choices they make available to their patrons.

Continuing the Brand

I’ve continued to work with Haven over the many years I worked at eNox Media, providing them with additional content like custom posters, social media graphics and holiday promotions.