Fishbein Orthodotics has 8 Locations in the Pensacola Fl Area

Industry: Healthcare; Orthodontia |Agency: eNox Media

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Project Overview
2020 ADDY Silver Winner for Public Service - Online/Interactive (Fishbein Foundation)
Fishbein Orthodontics

I was lucky enough to get in on the ground floor with Fishbein Orthodontics, back when they were only one location and were transitioning ownership. They have grown exponentially over they years and now have 8 convenient locations all across the Pensacola Fl area.

I started with developing their logo and branding. Since then I have worked on 2 website designs for them (original in 2015, and refreshed in 2018). I have created various other design projects for them that span across print and digital media.

I also had the pleasure of creating their Fishbein Foundation website, & company mascots, Benny and Ellie. They are custom vector illustrations that the brand uses reach their audience in a fun and playful way.

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Project Details

I was the sole designer on this project from the ground up. I handled everything from coming up with their branding – using color & font psychology, illustrating their fish mascot “Chompers” and “Ellie” in a predefined preferred style, to creating a web presence that reflected their brick-and-mortar locations, creating and producing continuous online marketing and social campaigns, as well as various print and stationery collateral.


The initial challenge was to create a brand and vector illustrated mascot character that visually expressed their unique personality and philosophy while positioning them for growth. The scope then revolved around increasing starts through lead generation due to marketing efforts, and creating a website that supported lead generation through calculated UX research and UI design.


Overall I believe in a very collaborative process with the client, making sure I understand their needs inside and out. The branding phase started with lots of sketches before I brought it into vector to apply color and font psychology to the process. We then had several rounds of reviews and revisions before we nailed down the final. For the website, my process was to guide the client through a moodboard, so we could understand his visual preferences as well as pinpoint some cool executions. I then took the content and created wireframes, which once approved served as the basis for their mobile-first design. Once the visual language is fully developed things really started cooking, being able to produce assets at an aggressive pace in order to meet his marketing goals.


When I first started working with Dr. Fishbein, he had just acquired a practice with 2 locations from a retiring orthodontist. The practice has since grown to 8 locations throughout the greater Pensacola area. While with eNox, Fishbein orthodontics experienced continuous growth, increased lead generation from campaigns and splash pages, as well as developed a “Fishbein Foundation” non-profit branch to help their local community. In 2020, the Fishbein Foundation website won a Silver Addy Award for Public Service – Online/Interactive.

Print Design
Stationary & Print

Over the years I have created various stationary packages, referral pads, magazine layouts, new patient folders, tote bags, shirt designs and many more print applications for Fishbein Orthodontics.