Cardall Orthodontics is a Practice Located in Bakersfield CA

Industry: Healthcare; Orthodontia |Agency: eNox Media

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Project Overview
Cardall Orthodontics

When we were approached by Cardall Orthodontics they were a start-up practice looking to break into the market, and they needed a brand that would reflect their character and business philosophies while also giving them a stand-out presence in their community.  Moreover, they also needed a digital presence that would let new patients easily find patient forms, existing patients to find information, and increase new starts through the application of targeted UX design.

Launch Website
Project Details

I was the Brand designer & UI/UX Designer; focusing on mobile-first design website design. I managed a small team of junior designers during the brand phase, where I spearheaded brainstorm sessions on brand strategy & tagline choice, I created original mockups as well as provided creative direction to my juniors. I presented logo iterations and and maintained open discussion with the client during deliverables.


Cardall Orthodontics was a blossoming practice located in Baskersfield CA, that needed a brand that would represent their personality while resonating with the affluent community in which they were located. Their goal was to build a brand that would help them gain notoriety, and have a responsive web presence that would increase their new patient starts.


After working with the client to fully understand who they were and what they were all about, I outlined key words that we would use as the foundation of their brand: Friendly, Professional and Inclusive. I worked with my team to create a tagline based on the word “all”, which we took from the client’s namesake. From there we worked with the client through concept iterations and presentations to develop a visual language and color pallet that encompassed the friendly and professional personality traits. After the brand was established I applied the developed visual language to the website design while focusing the user experience on usability, while also creating a conversion funnel that leads to appointment requests.


The client was thrilled with their new brand, and so was their community. They reported a significant increase in new patient starts, and were so happy with their branding that they thanked our agency publicly as well as recommended our agency to other start-up orthodontic practices.

Print Design
Stationary & Print

Alongside their branding and website design I also worked on their full stationary package and new patient folder.