Bern's Steak House is an Upscale Restaurant with a Unique Story & History

Industry: Hospitality; Restaurants |Agency: eNox Media

Web Design

Project Overview
Bern's Steak House

Bern’s Steak House is an upscale restaurant in the Tampa Bay Area. The restaurant has been family-owned for several generations and it has a deep history and connection to the community. If you live in Tampa then you have most likely heard of Bern’s Steak House.

Bern’s came to eNox Media in need of a website redesign that would give their trusted brand a modern digital space. The site needed to paint the picture of their story, their history and who they’ve become along the way.

Launch Website
Project Details

Lead UI/UX Designer; focusing on mobile-first design website design. My job was to provide creative direction as well as develop the overall look and feel of the website, and to evolve their brand to express a modern digital footprint. Once the visual language was developed,  I provided support for the design production team by creating a design system, I also reviewed all proposed pages that I did not create personally and helped plan all major functionality.


The scope of this project was to take an already established brand with strong ties to their history and décor and give them a digital presence that expresses their unique personality. Their responsive website was created through research of their target market, close client collaboration, and was designed to tell their story as well as increase restaurant reservations.


My process starts with the client filling out a questionnaire design to better understand their needs and important targets for their new site. This was followed by a kick-off meeting, where I review our research findings (both from their questionnaire, and their industry and competitors). I then put together and presented a moodboard to identify the desired site personality. Next up were wireframes, and finally moving into design production and revisions. Once all designs are approved I worked closely with the developer to make sure all assets were good to go, and that the design is rendered accurately in code.


Since launching their new site the client has reported that all initial goals were met; that their userbase now finds it easier to get important information, and that internet-based reservation requests have increased.