Personal Devices: Icon Set

Personal Devices: Icon Sets
Personal Devices Vector Icon Set

Many designers, myself included, are interested in iconography. It’s almost a right of passage. I’ve often made icons on the fly for client projects, and I am a long-time producer of vector elements, illustrations, and logos. However, I’ve never formally made a purposeful icon set before — until now!

Since this was my first icon set, I started with creating a comprehensive icon grid system to ensure a cohesive standard throughout all the icons. You can download a free illustrator editable PDF of the grid system I created below. Hopefully it can serve as a stepping stone to help you get started on your own icon journey.

I started by creating a general icon set, but quickly turned my attention to personal devices because the standard shapes they are made out of really helped serve as an easy basis to expand the visual language. I tried to create a wide variety of different device types, while also not treading on any particular brand’s intellectual property.

I am very happy with how the icons turned out, and I created 3 different set styles (solid, editable line and flat), which are available to purchase on both Adobe Stock and Shutterstock via the links below.

Download FREE Icon Grid
Personal Devices Icon Set: Solid
Personal Devices Icon Set: Editable Line
Personal Devices Icon Set: Flat