Hydroponics Harvest January 2020

Hydroponically Grown Lettuce
I Grow Lettuce Hydroponically in the Winter

Because I live in such a cold climate I don’t often get the opportunity to garden in the winter. Instead I turn to inside hydroponic to produce fresh produce. I have a small system designed by Aero Garden, which is very easy to use. I’ve had it for about a year now, and use it to have fresh cut-and-come-again lettuce right in my kitchen.

The lettuce feeds me while it’s growing, and once it’s become too large for the area I harvest it for a fairly large amount of greens. They keep very well because they are so fresh, and feed both me and Jason for days to come. I recently harvested some ruby leaf lettuce I had planted several months ago. I deiced this time to plant roman lettuce, scallions, and spinach.