Garden Tour: Spring 2019

Garden Tour: Spring 2019
Spring is a time for activity in the garden.

I love the look of the garden in spring. Everything looks so new and fresh after the yearly cleanup. As the season goes on the plants I care for will stretch out and take on a will of their own, but for now everything is tidy and clean.

One of my yearly spring rituals is to amend the soil of my raised beds. I usually mix in leaf compost from the previous year, but last fall I couldn’t take care of the leaves before the snow fell. Luckily Jason’s family provided me with some composted cow manure from their homestead. I included vermiculite and peat moss also because I am filling the beds little by little each year and cultivating the ecosystem of my soil.

I love seeing the first signs of my perennials springing back to life after the long winter.

My French Sorrel is usually the first to bounce back, but it is quickly followed by my strawberries, asparagus and the rest of the motley crew. I’m always amazed by watching life fill my plants again. Now is also the time to organize my raised beds and start the annuals off strong for a new year of growth.