Early Spring In The Garden 2020: Compost & Planting

Early Spring In The Garden 2020
The growing season has only just begun in Rochester New York.

Last weekend marked the first outdoor planting day of the season. It’s still a little too cold out for most crops to thrive, but some vegetables varieties love the cooler weather. I was able to plant potatoes, carrots, parsnips, radishes, and a variety of onions.

However, before I could get to my planting I first had to amend the raised beds with compost. Typically, I collect the leaves around my yard every year and compost them over the winter. By doing so, I create something known as “Black Gold” in the gardening world, which is nutrient-packed compost. While I was shoveling my compost I spotted several large garden worms. They are an added bonus to this years composting efforts. I actually do not have a bottom on my compost heap in order to attract garden worms to my pile. I’m glad it’s paying off.

As I was walking around the garden I noticed that several of my perennial plants have started to come back to life after the long winter. Seeing their sparks of green pop out from all the winter leaf coverage energizes me with a burst of energy. I feel revitalized as spring takes over. Working in the garden is a welcomed stress release, and distraction, from the Covid-19 pandemic. It brings a little bit of peace back to my life.

Even though it’s too early to harvest anything from the outside garden I had another bath of hydroponically grown lettuce ready to eat. This time I tried my hand at growing green onions alongside my lettuce. Ultimately I think everything turned out great. There is nothing better tasting than freshly grown vegetables.