Drawing: Covid 2020

Drawing: Covid 2020
This drawing is a symbolic representation of how I have been feeling during the Coronavirus pandemic of 2020

It has been a while since I have drawn seriously in traditional media. I am talking years here. I was never my intonation neglect physical art, it’s something that just sorta happened. I just think my career has made me inclined to working digitally. Moreover, as we get older our lives become more full. There is just less time in the day, and often something doesn’t get attention unless I put it on a list, and carve out time dedicated to it.

That’s exactly what I did for this drawing. I wanted to vent how I’ve been feeling during this age of social isolation and uncertainty, and I felt a pull to do it in traditional media. At first I felt very out of practice. I could tell my hands were not a precise as they once were, and the muscled in my fingers became fatigued alarmingly quickly. I drew in stages, much like I handle (what feels like) the ever-ongoing book I’m writing. I came back to it again and again, putting in a little time every day that would allow for it.

I’ve always been a big fan of allegory, both in art and literature. I wanted to express my feelings on the current zeitgeist without displaying violent, or graphic imagery. I put the figure in a space helmet, marked with the kanji for “home”, to represent the feelings of isolation and fear of contamination. For me, the smoke around her both represents the virus itself and an overarching feeling of uncertainty. The moon represents hope, a guiding light in the darkness. Some of the other imagery is more obvious, the toilet paper, N95 mask, and allusion to a faded American flag are all pretty straight forward.

I wanted her to be holding a phone for a couple of reasons. The phone is her lifeline. It is her connection to a digital world where community still exists, but it is also how she captures what’s happening around her.

Drawing Process 1
Drawing Process 2
Drawing Process 3
Drawing Process 4
Drawing Process 5
Drawing Process 6
Drawing Process 7
Drawing Process 8
Covid 2020 Final