Bench Building Process

Bench Building Process
I wanted a bench that would last so I decided to make my own

I’ve been wanting a bench for my garden area for a while now. I looked around at various styles, materials and reviews. Ultimately I wasn’t finding what I wanted, something that would last a while with little or no maintenance, within the price range I was willing to spend. So I decided to make my own.

I have never done something quite like this before, so it was a little intimidating at first. However, I found a kit online that included the side panels and hardware to get me started, which made the whole project feel more digestible.

My next step was deciding on what length I wanted the bench to be. I landed at roughly 4 feet in length, which would be the perfect size for me and 1 other person (or a super cute garden corgi).

I bought 4 8’x8′ 2×4 pieces of treated wood from home depot, and got them cut down to 4’x4′ in sore. This gave me all the wood I would need, with one piece left over, which I later used to stabilize my strawberry bed.

I took the wood home and sanded all the edges to make them smooth. I then painted all the pieces and the side panels. I then took my power drill and started assembling the bench. Once complete I touched up any areas that needed it, and have the important areas a second coating of paint. Overall I am very pleased with the final product, as it is a great addition to my garden.