I have over 10 years of design experience.
I have worked for 7+ of those years in an agency setting, so I am familiar with high-paced environments, meeting and exceeding deadlines, and finding creative solutions to complex problems.

My focus is on creating high-integrity digital products and online experiences. I have years of experience in creating a wide range of design deliverables, which include but are not limited to: web & print media, full branding packages, UX research-based design solutions integrated into impactful and visually appealing UI, wireframing and panning information architecture, creating and establishing visual languages with clear information hierarchy, vector-based illustrations and icon design, marketing campaign planning and implementation & much more. I naturally to take charge of projects and own client interactions. I am passionate about education and love sharing what I know. I have experience in mentoring Jr. designers and leading teams on fair and encouraging terms. I believe that people are people, and that everyone deserves to be treated with respect and empathy.

I love what I do, and I do it well.
My career started after college, but I started exploring design and front-end code at the tender age of fifteen.
Adobe Creative Suite - 15 Years

HTML (5) & CSS (3) - 10 Years

User Centered Design - 8 Years

Design for Wordpress & Other CMS - 6 Years

I'm Also Passionate About

When I’m not designing I am usually engaging in one of my side-passions. Aside from what is listed below I also love reading, drawing and playing video games. I have a passion for education, and strive to learn something new every day.

Art, Crafts & Writing

I love creating things. I draw, crochet and am working on my first novel.


It’s fulfilling to watch a seed grow into a vegetable, and there is nothing better tasting then homegrown food.

Technology & Computers

I’ve built, updated and maintained my own computer for over half a decade. It’s a super beast of a machine.

Japanese Language

I studied Japanese in college and lived in Nagasaki for a short time. I still love the language and study it with a group in my community.


Theresa Steele (テレサ・スチール)と申します。私は35歳で、ロチェスター市、ニューヨーク州というアメリカの北の地域に住んでいます。私の仕事はデザイナーですよ。いいユーザーエクスペリエンスを作ったり、ブランド化をしたり、ウェブサイトを作ったりする会社に勤めています。この何年間で、私のデザインは色々な賞をいただきました。私は自分の仕事に誇りを持っています。



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